Photography Workshops

Learn photography with me!

I offer one-on-one and small-group photography lessons with workshops that are friendly and relaxed. Each workshop includes tutorials that will cater to your specific level of learning.

1) The "Manual Mode" Workshop focuses on the technical aspects of photography, covering the different modes of your DSLR, with an understanding of f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and more.

2) The "Auto Mode" Workshop helps to fine-tune your creative eye and take better photos with discussions of composition, ratios and angles, the rule-of-thirds, black and white photography, and more, all using just your phone or your camera in Auto Mode.

Both workshops run two hours and include a hands-on one-hour photowalk to apply what you’ve learned in a setting that suits the photography you want to create.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, Workshops are temporarily suspended but will continue as soon as circumstances allow. Gift Certificates are available now that can be redeemed at a later time. Please use the Contact link above to get in touch for more information.

The photo gallery below features photos from previous Workshops.