Five By Five Photography: The Blog!

Welcome to the Five by Five Photography Blog. Here you will find collections of photos and stories from photo shoots as they happen over the weeks and months to come.

I love that every shoot is unique, an in-the-moment creative process. It leads not only to a collection of photos, but the shoot is always a memorable experience itself. That artistic process of working with people, creating something original, and the collaborative blend of ideas from both behind and in front of the camera is what makes photography such a great medium to work in.


Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to shoot the weddings of some of the best people I could hope to meet (and become friends with!). From the intimacy of a backyard-camping-themed wedding to destination weddings from Dominican Republic to Iceland, I’ve seen the beginnings of some beautiful love stories.


I have a soft spot for expecting parents and new babies. Those last weeks before a baby is born and the weeks that follow are among the most precious and important we experience in life. Having the chance to capture those moments, the early days of life itself, is one of the most meaningful things I do as a photographer.


Working with models and actors is the most collaborative part of my job. Anyone who works on camera brings their personality to the shoot in a way that’s unique in photography. There’s a talent in being able to connect with a lens and I love and appreciate that skill. Capturing a look, an intent, an actor's or model's essence in their images is the best part of creating portraits.


Working with companies to refine or communicate their brand is a creative job. The workspace, the employees, the personality of a corporation or their product is unique to each company, and I love the challenge of capturing that, whether it’s being communicated internally or to their customer base.


Capturing the local culture and wildlife of beautiful locations is, needless to say, something I always love to do. I’ve been lucky to travel to many countries that offer some of the best photography in the world: South Africa, Iceland, The Galapagos Islands, Japan, Thailand, Australia and others. I feel so completely fortunate to have visited these place, and to have been able to bring back photographic pieces of them.


Thanks for stopping by and please, come back often. There are many shoots to come!